Engagement with customers

Gazprom Neft is committed to building direct and long-term relationships with its customers. The Company engages in dialogues with customers by providing them with timely and responsible information about its products, improving the customer complaint systems and studying the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of products and service.

Each batch of products that is sent to customers is accompanied by a quality certificate for the particular product. The quality certificate for each batch products must specify:

  • the name and brand of the product;
  • all quality indicators according to the regulatory requirements for the product;
  • the standards and actual values of the quality indicators.

The following information is printed on the labels of packaged products:

  • the scope of the product;
  • specifications and approvals from equipment manufacturers that describe the product’s performance parameters;
  • information on compliance with safety rules when using the product;
  • a reference to the document that regulates the transportation and storage of the product;
  • the name of the most dangerous substance for human health and the environment contained in the product;
  • information about the disposal of used products and packaging.

The maximum possible and most effective communication channels are used to create awareness among each group of consumers.

Extensive media campaigns are held among motorists to position the Gazprom Neft fuel quality control system. Media tours are conducted of the Company's industrial facilities for high-profile journalists and bloggers who write about automotive issues. The capabilities of the Gazpromneft filling station network’s mobile laboratories for the operational control of fuel quality are regularly demonstrated at major automobile events.

Corporate and small-scale wholesale customer are made aware about the quality of Gazprom Neft's fuel at industry and expert events such as exhibitions, conferences and roundtables and also via newsletters and brochures, information in the business media, direct dialogue between the Company's management and customers at events and at technical training sessions and seminars for partners and customer.

The response system to customer complaints and questions is comprised of different mechanisms and channels. The Company is constantly developing tools for feedback, which is the foundation for competitive supply. Contact mechanisms for customers include written inquiries, calls, feedback forms on the website, comment and suggestion registers at filling stations, online consultations with Company specialists on its websites and meetings with clients at exhibitions and forums, among other methods. All messages are reviewed in accordance with the Company’s established standards. The channel used is determined by the specifics of the activities of the enterprise or subsidiary. Subsidiaries regularly analyse the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken to prevent situations from recurring.

In order to provide effective communication with clients and comprehensive interaction with customers, Gazprom Neft has established the Unified Customer Support Centre, which is comprised of an information service that unites different communications channels.

Main issues concerning product quality raised by customers and other stakeholders in 2016:

  • the stabilisation of bitumen product quality based on the most critical attributes for customers;
  • the need for a quality margin based on the most critical attributes for customers;
  • the manufacturing of products based on new regulatory documents;
  • product certification based on TR TS 014/2011 ‘Road Safety’.

Active cooperation with customers helps the Company to consistently improve the quality of work as well as promptly identify and solve any problems that may arise.

The Company’s subsidiaries regularly conduct studies of customer satisfaction levels. The results of the studies conducted in 2016 found:

  • Customers view the Gazpromneft filling station network as a reliable and trustworthy brand. The loyalty and satisfaction index (NPS) among users of Gazpromneft petrol stations is one of the highest on the market with 95% of users believing that the stations sell high quality fuel. Among the respondents who chose Gazpromneft as their favourite filling station, 85% said they would be willing to recommend it and believe that these stations sell high quality petrol (TNS, 2016).
  • The satisfaction index among counterparties of Gazpromneft-Lubricants increased from 3.26 in 2015 to 3.31 in 2016. Among the counterparties surveyed, 40% said they were fully satisfied, while 54% said they were more or less satisfied with their cooperation with the company. The share of fully satisfied counterparties increased from 36% to 40%. The counterparty loyalty index increased from 3.53 in 2015 to 3.60 in 2016. 64% of respondents said they would definitely recommend Gazpromneft-Lubricants, while 34% said they would most likely recommend the company as a lubricant manufacturer if asked for a recommendation. The aggregate consumer satisfaction indicator was 80% for the year (77% in 2015).
  • The NPS (Net Promoters Score) loyalty index among Gazpromneft – Bitumen Materials customers was 73 out of 100 points. 82.1% of respondents commended the professionalism of employees, while 78.9% of respondents noted the high quality of products.
  • 78% of corporate customers, 64% of small-scale wholesale customers and 57% of retail customers said they were satisfied with their cooperation with Gazprom Neft. In terms of strengths, small-scale wholesale customers noted the quality of petroleum products, the level of service and the guarantee of supply in the long term, while corporate customers mentioned the notoriety of the company and the brand as well as the timely receipt of accounting documents.
Satisfaction level among the Company’s customers
Indicator H1 2016 H2 2016
Retail customers - Net Promoters Score 56 According to TNS data, 2016 57 According to TNS data, 2016
Corporate clients – satisfaction index 76 According to Vector market research date, 2016
Small-scale wholesale customers – satisfaction index 73 According to Vector market research date, 2016