Information policy

Gazprom Neft maintains a high level of information openness and transparency. The Company promptly and regularly discloses information about its activities to an extent that is capable of influencing its financial and business operations.

Gazprom Neft has drafted and adopted an Information Policy that ensures effective information interaction between the Company, shareholders, investors and all stakeholders. The Board of Directors monitors the observance of the Information Policy.

The core principles of the Gazprom Neft Information Policy are:

  • the regular, consistent and prompt provision of information;
  • ensuring all stakeholders have the opportunity for equal, free and easy access to information disclosed by the Company;
  • the objectivity, accuracy, completeness and comparability of all disclosed data;
  • neutrality of information, i.e. eliminating the possibility of the preferential satisfaction of the interests of one group over those of another;
  • maintaining a reasonable balance between the Company’s transparency and its commercial interests.

The Company discloses balanced and objective information, which is above all evidenced by the fact that Gazprom Neft does not avoid disclosing negative information about itself since it understands the importance of such information for stakeholders.

Gazprom Neft publishes all the main forms of its financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS and RAS as well as its sustainable development reporting in the ‘Investors’ section of its official website. The reporting is confirmed by audit reports. The Company also publishes documents governing the activities of Gazprom Neft’s management and supervisory bodies, financial and production indicators and information about the impact of the Company’s activities on the economy, environment and society. Information is published in Russian and English.