Development of management and leadership skills

Management and leadership skills are a key tool for forming a corporate culture and the Company’s transformation. The Corporate University launched a Management and General Corporate Competencies Faculty in an effort to develop these skills and continuously exchange experience in this area.

Introduction of the Lominger Competency Model

In 2016, Gazprom Neft began introducing a new management competencies model based on one of the best global practices – the Lominger Leadership Architect® competency library. The model, which helps to create a common understanding of the contents of management competencies, will be integrated into personnel recruitment, evaluation and development processes and the creation of a talent pool. More than 20 sessions were held over the last year to profile management levels and positions using the new competency model.

Revision and expansion of the catalogue of management and general corporate competency programmes

The Company expanded the number of management and leadership competency development programmes from 11 to 33 during the reporting year. Programmes on the following popular themes were added to the portfolio of programmes: ‘Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Networking’, ‘Management Engagement’, ‘Cross-Cultural Communication’ and ‘Change Management’.

‘Educational Environment’ Corporate Forum

Gazprom Neft held its first corporate educational forum ‘Educational Environment’ in 2016. The forum was attended by more than 150 specialists who are involved in personnel training and development and create the educational environment at the Company. Best corporate practices and the advanced experience of Russian and foreign companies were presented at the forum. A ‘bank of ideas’ was created for the educational environment model as part of the forum with more than 180 ideas collected. The best suggestions were selected from among these ideas and will be introduced to training programmes.

Expansion of the ‘Boost’ personnel integration programme

The ‘Boost’ personnel integration programme, which the Downstream Division has employed since 2015, was further developed during the reporting year. ‘Boost’ ensures the comprehensive integration of employees into the cultural and professional environment in the event of any changes to their professional status or role. The programme encompasses staff changes and supports employees over their entire career path: from hiring and promotion to moving to another region and undertaking a new role or functionality as well as lateral movement. The programme currently includes more than 100 tools.

‘Top Drive 2.0’ manager training programme

In 2015-2016, the Company implemented the ‘Top Drive 2.0’ training programme, which aims to improve employees’ skills during the reorganisation of the Regional Sales Directorate and business units. As part of the reorganisation stage, its focus has shifted from general organisational issues that are relevant during the launch period to the specifics and interests of businesses.