Employer brand

The Company is consistently among the country’s best employers and performs targeted work to attract, engage and retain the best employees.

Gazprom Neft developed an employer value proposition in 2015 following a number of extensive surveys encompassing employees and Company candidates. It was formulated based on the requests and expectations of target audiences taking into account the Company’s strategic objectives and its competitive position in the global oil and gas industry. The value proposition is supported by the Company’s policies and practices and conveyed via the most effective communications channels. The value proposition is intended to create a strong brand for the Company as an employer that attracts and retains the best employees.

Employer value proposition
Gazprom Neft proposes to:
  • Create and take pride in what it has created
  • Create a history for future generations
  • Meet interesting challenges
  • Create and apply new approaches
  • Take advantage of opportunities for personal fulfilment

A diagnosis of employees’ perception of the value proposition is included in a socio-psychological climate study which the Company conducts each year. Based on the results of the diagnosis performed in 2016, employees’ perception of the value proposition was analysed and areas of development were identified for 2017.

The Company’s HR and Remuneration Committee approved an approach for introducing the employer value proposition as a tool to motivate employees at a meeting during the reporting year. Under this approach, Gazprom Neft’s functions included sessions at which it created comprehensive appeals to its employees and candidates. The Company also held sessions with managers that aimed to put the most effective motivation methods into practice, including on the basis of the value proposition.

In 2016, Gazprom Neft once again confirmed its status as one of the country’s best employers. The Company finished second in the ‘Russian Employers’ rating compiled by Headhunter recruiting company. Gazprom Neft established its own nomination ‘New Approaches’ as part of the ‘HR Brand’ prize for projects involving HR management.

Gazprom Neft finished second in the Randstad Award-2016 international rating in the energy sector behind its parent company Gazprom, joining the leading employers in the Russian oil and gas industry. The Company also received a special prize as the most appealing employer for young people.

Gazprom Neft was also among the top three best Russian employers for engineering and natural science students in the Universum Top 100 Russia rating, which is compiled based on a survey of 25,000 Russian students from 93 universities.

Securing top spots in the rating of the best employers for students is further confirmation that Gazprom Neft has selected the right HR strategy. Competition among employers has taken on global proportions and we are glad that our Company has a firm grip on the top positions, including in international ratings.
Olga Zuykova Director of the Gazprom Neft HR Department