Goals and results in 2016

To manage the employer brand and promote the Company’s value proposition
Goal achieved. Detailed results presented in the ‘Employer brand’ section.
To create a unified external and internal talent management model
Research conducted in the Company’s divisions and concept selected for internal and external talent management.
To develop the model of an interregional recruiting centre within the Company
Interregional Recruiting Centre (IRC) established. Two Regional Recruiting Centres (RRC) opened in St. Petersburg (to service product business units) and Tyumen (to serve subsidiaries of the Upstream Division). Ten subsidiaries switched to services at the IRC and RRC.
To develop the concept of a shared service centre at the Company for HR management processes
Analysis conducted of the current state of the HR Management function. Transaction processes identified. Description of target business processes prepared.
To establish the Gazprom Neft Corporate University
Corporate University launched operations with the opening of five faculties and ten departments.
To develop a business process management and description model for the Corporate University
Role-based structures developed as part of the approved Corporate University concept for five faculties and the departments therein as well as flow charts for 14 new business processes (‘Book of Processes’ with ARIS models), which formalise the work procedure, roles and functions of the Corporate University and related units.