Profile of personnel

Gazprom Neft employed more than 66,000 people in 2016 with blue-collar workers making up 51% of personnel, and executives, specialists and office employees making up the remaining 49%.

The Company features the following major personnel clusters:

  • Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Districts (primary oil production assets) – approximately 19%;
  • St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region (management company and a number of subsidiaries in charge of petroleum product sales) – approximately 21%;
  • Omsk Region (Omsk Oil Refinery, Omsk Lubricants Plant and a number of supply, logistics and sales enterprises) – approximately 14%;
  • Serbia (the multifunctional company NIS) – approximately 9%;
  • CIS countries (sales companies and trade representative offices) – approximately 6%.

The average number of personnel increased by 1.8% to 62,998 employees in 2016. The increase is due to the effect of a full year passing since the merger of ITSC LLC with Gazprom Neft in 2015, changes in the production programme for extractive assets, an expansion in the coverage area of service enterprises as well as restructuring of the Company’s sales assets.

A total of 14,841 employees joined Gazprom Neft in the reporting year, while 14,335 people left the Company. The turnover rate was 15.2% in 2016, a 1% decrease from 2015.

Structure of company personnel by core activity as of 31 december 2016 (people) Source: Company data
Average number of personnel (people) Source: Company data
Average number of personnel by gender (people) Source: Company data
Average number of personnel by age (people) Source: Company data