Corporate volunteering

One of the key principles of the ‘Native Towns’ social investment programme is the active involvement of employees in its projects. To meet this objective, the Company implements the ‘Personal Contribution’ corporate volunteering programme and has established the ‘Native People’ mutual assistance fund.

The Company’s volunteer movement expanded to 38 Russian cities in 2016 and included 2,856 people. Gazprom Neft volunteers took part in 287 events in 2016 with the key events being donation, support for orphanages and boarding schools, environmental activities as well as landscaping and beautification. As per tradition, volunteers engaged in sports, training and entertainment activities for kids from children’s homes along with helping disabled children and people with special needs. A number of activities were organised jointly with charitable funds.

In March 2016, the ‘Good Deeds with Your Own Hands’ project was launched jointly with the ‘Anton’s Right Here’ Centre for the Social Rehabilitation of Adults with Autism (‘A Way Out in St. Petersburg’ charity fund). Over the course of the year, volunteers and students from the Centre made souvenirs that were then sold at a charity Christmas auction and charity fairs in the Company’s offices. The auction collected more than RUB 946,000. These funds were spent on developing training programmes for families with autistic children.

Gazprom Neft and the Raul Charity Foundation launched the ‘Discovering the World Together’ project for volunteer aid to graduates of orphanages and boarding schools in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in April. As part of the project, volunteers contribute to the social adaptation of graduates by providing them consultations on matters concerning employment and everyday life.

The Company has been conducting a volunteer project contest since 2015. It brings together volunteer initiatives from all the Company’s subsidiaries to a single platform. In 2016, 75 applications were submitted for the contest (a 65% increase compared with 2015) with volunteers from 14 cities taking part and 30 projects recognised as winners. A total of 174 events were held involving 864 volunteers. The contest budget totalled RUB 1.5 million.

Volunteer movement dynamics
2013 2014 2015 2016
Number of events 67 188 265 287
Number of participants 1,312 1,794 2,633 2,856
We are organising internships jointly with Gazprom Neft in which graduates from orphanages and boarding schools can work for a couple days and get an understanding of what work is like in principle. For a small amount of money, the kids help out with holding different celebrations and festivals. Volunteers observe them, give advice and write up assessments based on the results. The kids return to us with these assessments, and we help them contact employers who have vacancies.
Mikhail Krivonos President of Raul Charity Foundation

The Company’s volunteer programme receives public recognition and is greatly appreciated by stakeholders. In 2016, Gazprom Neft won first place in the nomination ‘Contribution to the Development of Corporate Volunteering’ based on the results of the national ‘Champions of Good Deeds’ contest. In addition, experts from the contest offered high praise for the ‘Snow Assault Force’ project of Gazpromneft-Muravlenko, awarding it second place in the ‘Local Communities’ nomination. This initiative involves Company employees going out each year to fight snowdrifts at children's and social institutions of Muravlenko.

In addition, the volunteer project contest won the grand prize and first place in the ‘Charitable Project’ nomination among the public relations services of Gazprom PJSC subsidiary companies and organisations.

The Company’s ‘Native People’ mutual assistance fund was established to provide financial and organisational aid to members of the Gazprom Neft team and their loved ones who have found themselves in a difficult life situation. The fund operates based on co-financing principles from the Company and its employees. In 2016, the fund collected RUB 11 million, which made it possible to provide help to employees in need of assistance without attracting funding from the Company.

Joint social initiatives

Gazprom Neft actively involves its business partners and customers in social initiatives. Each year the Company conducts the ‘Day of the Fisherman’ event jointly with the Kaliningrad fishing port for employees of the port, sailors and local residents. Gazprom Neft regularly organises charity and volunteer campaigns involving employees from airfields and airports at which the Company provides refueling. Such campaigns include volunteer clean-up work, visits to orphanages, Victory Day events and donor initiatives.