About sustainable development strategy

The Company consistently integrates the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility The company shares the understanding of sustainable development that is accepted in the international business community and enshrined in ISO 26000: 2010 ‘Guide to Social Responsibility’ (Russian version - GOST R ISO 2600: 2012) as development that ensures the opportunity to meet the needs of both current and future generations. into its business strategy. The Company believes adhering to these principles is one of the key factors for its long-term sustainability.

While investing resources in the Company’s development and its assets as well as improving production activities, Gazprom Neft simultaneously invests in effective programmes for regional development and environmental protection and views these investments as a contribution to its long-term competitiveness. The Company seeks to ensure dynamic growth and increase the efficiency of its core business while consistently enhancing the effectiveness of its social investments in personnel and local communities and also mitigating the specific impact on the environment.

Gazprom Neft takes a comprehensive approach to managing its impact on socioeconomic and environmental systems and implements modern environmental and social management systems that meet international standards.

The Company regularly analyses the effect its operations have on the environment and society and carefully evaluates the potential social and environmental impact of new projects. Gazprom Neft supports an active dialogue with all stakeholders and seeks to take their expectations into consideration when adopting management decisions.

The Company’s goals in sustainable development and corporate responsibility are specified by its mission, strategic principles and priorities and consist of a system of interrelated activities as part of Gazprom Neft’s unified strategy. When determining its sustainable development strategy, the Company takes into account global trends and experience in this area. The Company’s range of principles reflects a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDP) that aim to solve important economic, social and environmental problems for the global community.