Strategic Principles of Gazprom Neft

Technological effectiveness

    The Company is an integrator of new technological solutions that aim to increase production (oil recovery rate, refining depth) and financial indicators. It is the industry leader in terms of the introduction and utilisation of advanced technologies. The Company has a positive impact on the development of related production facilities and determines the sectoral technological agenda and demands of the industry that require modern scientific and technical solutions and developments. The Company is an expert on the development of Arctic region fields and work at mature fields and is a leader in the development of the Bazhenov formation.

Employer attractiveness

  • Gazprom Neft consistently ranks among the country’s best employers in terms of key ratings. The Company’s management is built around the principle of involving all employees in solving common problems.
  • Working at Gazprom Neft means being a professional in high demand. The Company provides employees with the opportunity to take part in ambitious projects, improve their skills and become top-notch specialists who receive a respectable salary for their work as well as a social package.


    The Company seeks to continuously improve its production and financial indicators and efficiently manage its assets. The Company maintains an efficient balance between production and refining and constantly improves its sales channels and product line. The Company is committed to leadership in production culture since improving the efficiency of business processes is one of the most important focuses of the Company's development, and ensures the optimal use of all resources (human, financial and production) while boosting productivity.

Safety and environmental responsibility

    Corporate safety standards are a priority in the Company’s operations. Gazprom Neft places the life and health of its employees above all else (any work that threatens someone’s life or health must be stopped immediately). The hydrocarbon production technologies used by Gazprom Neft take into account the special aspects of the environment in the regions where the Company operates. The Company invests in the modernisation of its oil refining assets and enhances eco-friendliness and safety.

The company’s sustainable development goals and their compliance with un sustainable development goals (sdg)

Economy, manufacturing Environment Social development
  • Achieve strategic goals
  • Enhance the effectiveness of core operations
  • Innovative activities
  • Minimisation of the environmental impact of production activities
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Preserving biodiversity
  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • Development of the Company’s HR potential
  • Increasing the level of industrial and occupational safety, reducing the rate of injuries, accidents and occupational diseases
  • Support for local communities in the regions of operation, assistance with regional socioeconomic development

8 Decent work and economic growth

9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

6 Clean water and sanitation

7 Affordable and clean energy

13 Climate action

14 Life below water

15 Life on land

3 Good health and well-being

4 Quality education

5 Gender equality

11 Sustainable cities and communities

UN Sustainable Development Goals